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integrated multicultural marketing
With over 300 Asian publications with over 7 million circulations reaching more than 11 million Asian Americans just in the North America, American Asian community became a more and more important market share for a business not to neglect. More and more American mainstream companies manage and deliver their key messages in different Asian languages nowadays.

Choosing the appropriate media is fundamental to the success of a company’s Asian marketing campaign. CH Media, Inc. is a full-service Asian marketing agency. We are aimed to help our clients on marketing through Asian marketing channels to gain their market share among the great Asian community. CH Media, Inc. understands our clients’ needs, and customizes them into the advertising and marketing plans which speak the appropriate Asian languages and fit right into the Asian community. CH is our clients’ ears and eyes in the Asian American Market. Through our advertising, branding and the whole collateral marketing services, our clients can win strong recognition and awareness in the Asian community, and ultimately gain revenue out of the Great Asian American market.

CH Media, Inc. is a comprehensive marketing and advertising agency specializing at Asian marketing planning and implementation with a refined awareness of cultural dynamics in the market we serve. With industry-leading expertise and creativity in planning, content development and execution, we provide strategic marketing solutions to our clients who would like to penetrate into the great Asian market and speak to the diverse and complex Asian American market. We are the communication bridge between our clients and all Asian language medias. The team members of CH Media, Inc. all came form major Asian medias and possess strong Asian marketing and advertising knowledge and experience. With multiple years of experience and a wide roster of accounts, we feel that we are uniquely qualified to provide the Asian media planning expertise and guidance your organization deserves. From Asian Radio and TV to Asian Newspapers and Magazines, to Outdoor, On-Line and Transit of Asian Channels, at CH Media, Inc., we place it all.

CH Media, Inc. will help our clients in concept development, planning and successful implementation, regardless of event, scale or location. We are an expert negotiator who works hard at stretching your budget and making every cent count. From negotiating competitive rates, to added value and favorable positioning or airtimes, you can depend on us to negotiate aggressively on your behalf with the Asian medias you are not familiar with. You can also depend on us to offer you guidance and direction and to be there for you every step of the planning and implementing process during every Asian marketing campaign. We will also monitor every deal to ensure 100%25 compliance and complete accurate reconciliation. We will translate your message into different Asian languages to penetrate effectively into the appropriate individual Asian markets.

Our team of experienced planners studies your media requirements thoroughly and uses our knowledge, research and analysis abilities, and experience on the Great Asian market to provide media plans that can reach your target effectively and efficiently. Our pros will select the appropriate media to fit your target, budget and objectives. And we will provide media research and analysis, media strategy, and media cost estimates. Each individual plan is crafted and uniquely designed to meet your individual needs.

Marketing Strategy

The mission of CH Media, Inc. here is to assist client to build and strengthen relationships with the diverse, multi-cultural Asian market and to clearly communicate and uphold client’s core values in their communications to the Asian market. We will help not only in building powerful brands and market recognition, but also in leveraging client’s brand equity into immediate revenue growth.

The initial marketing launch in Asian American market will be focused on the key markets:

* Chinese
* Korean
* South Asia / Indian
* Filipino
* Vietnamese
* Japanese
* 2nd Gens

The key medias we are going to put advertisement on — Asian TV, radio, print, direct mail, collaterals, Internet, and in-store displays, to event booths. On-line, yellow pages.

CH Media, Inc. will collaborate with targeted community-based organizations like Asian Business Association, coordinate with Women’s market, Lifebridge, Special Care, and other specialized market from client, organize client’s product seminars, and sponsor expos festivals events, arrange Press releases, etc.

Through our effective and relevant media planning, unique media relations and resourceful media implementation, CH Media, Inc. will establish client’s image and deliver the branding into Asian community effectively and efficiently.

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